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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Penny Party

The penny placing has begun! I tried to find a synonym for "begun" that began with a "P" for better alliteration, but nothing sounded right. The only possibility was "pioneered"... The penny placing has pioneered? That doesn't make sense.

This is a picture of me with some of the pennies I placed today on the wall behind me. Remember the grout will be a dark color so that will make a big difference.

This is my basket of pennies:

It's more than it looked like. I can't even lift it anymore.
My mom is jealous. She wants to make something out of pennies too. She told me she would pay certain amounts for certain penny dates. So a made a chart to help me keep track of the coins I've found. This is it:

There is a box for every date between 1920 and now and the boxes are color coded according to how much she'd pay for each coin. The red boxes are $10, the green $5, the purple $2 and the yellow $1. The ones with a slash aren't worth anything unless I am able to fill in every single box. Some dates are worth more than others based on those dates being special to my mom because of a birthday or anniversary or something.

Gluing the pennies to the wall takes quite a long time. I am hoping to finish before the kids get out of school for Christmas break, so of you're in the downtownish Denver area during the day and want to help, I would love you!!!

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1 comment:

Donna Mc said...

Perpetual Penny Placing!

I can't wait to see the finished project. Sounds like fun.

Your recycled bottles & decopague Bible pages have inspired my Youth pastor. He's working on a Youth Cafe room on our Youth floor. He's thinking of using all Mtn Dew Bottle lights! Thanks for the great ideas!