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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Fresh 2009

If there really were an award for Mr and Mrs Fresh, first place would most definately go to Jolleen and Odie. After seeing my portrait of the Richards family, Jolleen asked me to put in a rush order for a portrait of her and Odie so that she could give it to him for their anniversary (which is tomorrow). With Jolleen being pretty much the coolest and most generous person I've ever met, I couldn't say no. She asked me to depict them in a way that would enhance their white trash characteristics (which they are very proud of)- but no alchohol or drugs. She tricked Odie into coming over to my place so I could take pictures of them "for a project I was working on". He had no idea. Odie apparently has a fetish with coonskin hats, so I had to paint him an extra fresh one- just like Davy Crockette. However, I have never seen him in overalls, although they seem to go well with the hat, dontcha think?
When I first moved back to Colorado, and met Jolleen, I was pretty sure she was my soulmate (even if she didn't feel that way). So I started to pray that she and Odie would move from the Springs to Denver so we could get to know each other more. I think God answered that prayer by sending me Jodi, who sounds like a combination of "Jolleen" and "Odie". Jolleen+Odie=Jodi. Get it?
Anyways, I think I might be beginning a long career in family portraits, because I already have a list of orders put in.... anyone else?


Holly said...

you are incredible!!!!
(does my last request still stand:-)?

Holly said...

you are incredible!!!!
(does my last request still stand:-)?

Matt said...

Good work!

jody said...

these are so fun!
love them.
want one.
i'll wait until your orders have slowed...I know several people who are anxiously awaiting one...:-)

The Shoup Family said...

That is so great!

Sarah said...

Does being family get us to the top of the list?? Love the picture!

Colleen said...

I got all excited thinking that Jolleen was my blog name and that Odie was Jodi's blog name and that Jodi and I were dating and that I didn't even know. Now I am soooo sad.