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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Chocolate and Canteloupe

Rocket is still in school. But Roxanne is not. Yesterday, I had a wonderful girls' day out at the zoo with Roxanne and her best friend Kei. One of my favorite parts was just listening to the two of them chat in the back seat while I drove. At one point, I heard this cute little conversation as I eavesdropped from the front:

Roxanne: Look at your leg next to mine!
Kei: I know, Roxanne. We have different skin colors. I am black and you are white.
Roxanne: White?! I am not white! I am.... peach.
Kei: You are a peach?! Well... then I am chocolate!
Roxanne: Chocolate?! I love chocolate! But, I am not a peach. Actually, I am a canteloupe.
Kei: Alright. You are a canteloupe and I am chocolate.
Roxanne: Did you know my mom packed some canteloupe for our picnic today?
Kei: Ohh yum! Did you pack any chocolate?
Roxanne: No, it's not healthy.

Then we spent some time at the zoo drawing the animals and having a picnic. The girls were much more patient than when I bring the boys, and they came out with some fantastic drawings.

And then we went home.


Connie said...

I have heard so much about Kei from Roxanne and now I know why they are such good friends; they are both beautiful and both very smart!

Aunt Donna said...


Boys never take the time to enjoy the sights at the zoo...they are ALWAYS rushing ahead to see what's next.

Glad y'all enjoyed a day together.

Me said...

You should chocolate dip some cantelope for them as a friendship snack sometime.

Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

That last picture actually made me tear up.

I agree with chocolate dipped cantelope. That sounds really good.

Cassie said...

so sweet...

jody said...

adorable. love it.
cantaloupe and chocolate.

Jamie, Adriane and Olivia said...

Love this blog!