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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Valentine Show- A Divine Night

Last night was the Valentines Art show, "Bleedin Hearts and Busted Knuckles". I had four paintings in the show, along with a callaborative impromptu sculpture that Jodi and I (shown below) created together instead of watching the super bowl last Sunday- now that was time well spent!

Here we are showing off our matching necklaces which I made for us to commemorate our new artistic partnership that we have yet to come up with a title for. Before the show, Jodi and Traci and I dropped into a random Mexican restaurant for some dinner. So we totally knew that God had blessed our evening, when Jodi's Margharita arrived and almost perfectly matched her hair. That could only be divine!! The next indication that the night was divinely directed came shortly after our food arrived, when Jodi recieved a text message from her friend who was already at the show. The message said that our callaborative sculpture had already sold!

There's the sold sign. And here is the sculpture that we threw together last Sunday. It's entitled "First Base" (because the two people are kissing). Jodi created the face on the right and I created the face on the left out of random trash and nicknacks we both found around our houses. Here we are imitading the artwork that we created- mostly we are just gloating by the glory of the "sold" sign.
I was quick to spend my newly earned cash on this awesome wallet, made by Buddha.

The next sign that God was involved, came as soon as I started digging around in my purse looking for my keys. Worried that we wouldn't be able to get home (and the Santa Fe art district isn't a place a couple of women want to stranded at night), we trecked back to the car in search for them. It was pitch dark out, so the only way to see in the windows, was to take a picture with the flash, and then view the picture on the camera. Can you see em there on the floor? My King Soopers card shows up pretty well.

We decided to deal with that situation later.

Here's me with two of my peices. And a wall of art.

After leaving our "low brow", show we walked North on Santa Fe where the artwork increases in class the farther you go from the gallery we were at. There we found some of Jodi's friends, who took us back down to her house. Then we drove to my house. Got a spare key. Drove back to downtown. Then finally made it safely back home. But it was a good night anyways, because Jodi's margarita matched her hair, our art peice sold quicker than quick, we enjoyed a lot of low brow and high class art, and didn't spend the night on Santa Fe.

Here is Traci's rendition of the night. She left out the part about the keys being locked in the car and having to ride home with people we didn't even know. I think she is in denial about it even happening.


Nichole said...

Yea,!:) for you SOLD is awesome!

Connie said...

Sounds like a very fun evening even with the keys getting locked in the car. Congratulations on selling your sculpture.

Emily Shoup said...

Congratulations on the show, not having to get drunk, and selling some art!!!