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Thursday, April 03, 2008

I never had a sister. To tell you the truth, I sometimes feel like I was deprived. When I got married, my husband gave me two sister-in-laws and then shortly after, my brother gave me another sister-in-law. But, all of my sister-in-laws had sisters of their own, and didn't really need another one, so I never tried pushing the sisterly bond. On Monday Sarah H. (Luke's wife, pictured above) came over and spent the night. On Tuesday morning, as all the children were running a muck around the house, I covered my head under my pillow to block out the noise and light (I often end up with a hangover when I hang out with Sarah). Then someone crawled into bed with me. It was Sarah. We layed in bed together for as long as we possibly could. We talked about cold sores and zits, and then she told me that I needed to pluck my eye brows. I was about to say "I know! I know! You b*^#@!", but then I realized that what she really meant was that she thought of me as her sister. It reminded me of this summer when Becca (Matt's sister) purposely drew marker on my face. Before I punched her in the nose, I realized that she too, was thinking of me as a sister. Then I cut her hair this last month, which is something that only sisters and hairdressers do... and I am not a hairdresser. It feels good to have sisters. And since I don't plan on giving Roxanne one, I just pray that she will find some sister-in-laws as good as mine- ones that will insult her, draw on her, and everything else that good sisters are supposed to do.


Donna Mc said...

What a sweet tribute to Sara. God bless you both. I can relate...having only brothers. My dear sister-in-law Pam is truly my sister. We hang out together all the time doing everything from dying each other's hair, helping w/ each other's kids, to yard saling together, and doing 'shake n bake' quilts....I sew & she helps! I'm so glad God has blessed us with our sisters-in-law...or should that be sisters-in-love.

the AB club said...

It was a washable marker!!! I can't believe you still remember that. I so wish we lived closer. I could use some sister time. Seriously I think Rocket and Roxanne need some SoCal culture. Come for a visit and bring Matt if you like.

Anonymous said...

It made me cry the second time I read it - ok not really, but almost. My eyes got slightly watery and my heart was happy and filled with thoughts of rainbows and sunshine. I love you forever and I hope you plucked your eyebrows. xoxo sarahjoy

Holly said...

that was awesome!