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Thursday, July 19, 2007

RubyThis is a better picture of Ruby, the tarantula. Whenever I try to take her picture, she puts all of her legs in front of her face, as if she really is shy. It's kindof cute, but hopefully she will open up, so I can get a picture where you can see her better. This must be a defensive position, but I am not sure. Roxanne looks better than Ruby in this picture. Roxanne always whispers if Ruby is out of her cage.


Aunt Donna Mc said...

I think I'd whisper, too! =P

Ian & Cole think she's cool, tho'.
(I prefer pet who are more cuddley...like Riley our Golden Retr., and Bobbin & Ethel, our cats.)

Hope you have lots of fun w/ your new family member.

Anonymous said...

When you come to Florida - don't bring your "pet"

Sarah said...

We had a great time at your place last night! Sorry about breaking Ruby's home. Do you think she will ever forgive so that I can come and visit again? Maybe next time we can work it so Tim can come too!

Timmay!! said...

I'm sorry my wife broke Ruby's home! Now tell me, can this thing hurt anybody??? What happens if you lose it, or Ruby's home gets knocked and this thing's loose in the house??? AUGHHHHHHHHH

Naomi said...

Ruby is very shy and gentle. She hardly reacted when Sarah broke her cage. If she got loose, she would probably hide. She wouldn't hurt anyone... but even if she DID bite them, it wouldn't be that bad- just a little sting.