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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Buckhorn Exchange

Rocket and I have been dreaming of going to the "Buckhorn exchange" ever since we saw it featured on "Man vs Food" a couple months ago. We knew we were in for an adventure so we decided to make a Valentines date of it last night. The Buckhorn Exchange is the oldest restaurant in Denver and serves more kinds of animals than any other restaurant in the city. We already knew we were going to go for it, and try out their famous Rocky Mountain Oysters (which you knew is bull testicles, right?). Also, we ordered rattle snake queso- a cheesy dip topped with tasty rattle snake meat. Lastly, we got fried artichokes and turtle cheesecake (surprisingly, not made out of turtle meat, but that is probably somewhere else on the menu).
This is us at home before we left:

We weren't let down, and everything tasted delicious. On a recent episode of "This American Life", someone referred to the deep fat fryer as the "great culinary equalizer of all food"- meaning that the meat doesn't really matter. As long as you batter, deep fat fry, and then serve it with a creamy dipping sauce, you can't go wrong. I think they're right, because the bull balls tasted delicious.
There were far more animals in the restaurant than there were people- but they were all on the walls.

And here is a lovely picture of me and my real Valentine. Roxanne and Matt went on a different date together last night. And for today, Valentines day, we did nothing. Happy Valentines day all!



Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator said...

Speaking of Valentines day, how did their buttons go?

Naomi Haverland said...

Nikki- they turned out great! I can't stop cutting out letters!
I forgot to take a picture of the buttons before they took them to school though, so I couldn't post a picture. Stupid me. But the kids said everyone liked them a lot.

Holly said...

love it. fun adventure!!!

and...I have those same leggings...my mom bought them for me for Christmas as a joke...but I wear them AT LEAST once a week...I love them!!!