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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby Josalyn

About a year ago I heard through Facebook that a friend from high school had experience the worst nightmare. My friend Laura's year old baby suddenly died. Imagining the grief she was probably going through was painful for me, and I decided to paint a portrait for her of her little girl, Josalyn (seen above).
When Josalyn passed away, she was wearing an outfit that said on it "fly away little butterfly" but the hospital disposed of the outfit, and Laura really wanted to have it. I tried my googling skills to try to locate a duplicate online, but wasn't as skilled as others were. Through the work of her online friends and networking she was able to recover three of the outfits- I didn't quite realize the significance of this number until I read this article, which was printed in her local newspaper.
You should read the story, it's really wonderful. And the article features the photo below, of her family posing with the picture I painted, which I titled "fly away little butterfly". I'm continually amazed by her ability to maintain hope in the midst of such a horrible tragedy.