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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mustache Night at Coors

Typically, only Matt and Rocket attend the baseball games at Coor's field. However, last night we were lucky enough to have 4 tickets (thanks to a really awesome friend with connections), so the whole family went. It was mustache night, and we all joined in on the mustache fun.
My mustache:

Rocket's mustache:

Roxanne's mustache:

Matt's mustache:

Matt spend quite a bit more time on his mustache than the kids and I did. I drew the kids mustache on them after they had finished dinner at Wahoo's Fish Tacos. Some ladies came along and were so impressed by my mustache drawing skills that they asked if I would draw a mustache on them too. So I did.

Then the kids got free cotton candy. You can't beat that!

Rocket told me that the best way to get on the jumbotron is to dance like crazy during the 7th inning stretch.... so, I did what any good mom would do- I danced like crazy with Rocket during the 7th inning stretch song. Sure enough, we made it onto the jumbotron for all of the thousands of fans to see our awesome dance moves! That made Rocket really love me a lot.

Rocket took this pic of Matt and I... I must have misplaced my stache by then.

And this is a tired little girl with a sticky face who can't wait for the 9th inning:
I tried my best to get her to be able to enjoy the game, but it was useless. This is a conversation we had at one point in the game:
Me: "The Rockie's are winning, so we should be happy!"
Roxanne: "But I don't know what that means, I can't be happy if I don't understand what that means!!"
Me: "It means that they are playing a game, and we want the Rockies to win the game and right now they have a higher score, so they are winning!"
Roxanne: "But you keeps saying rockie rockie rockie- I don't even have a clue what it means!!!"
Me: "The Rockies are the team we are rooting for"
Roxanne: "But which Rocky? You keep saying rockie, rockie, rockie!!! Rocky what? Which Rockie? What's the Rockie's name that you want to win?"
Me: "Rockies IS the name of the team"
Roxanne: "I know!! I know!! But all I hear is rockie, rockie, rockie and I don't know which rockie you are talking about. I don't know anybody here that is winning!!"
Me: "Ummm.... Ok.... wanna go get a funnel cake?"
Roxanne: "Yeah, now that's something I like!!!"
So then we walked around the vendor's deck and looked at all the little shops and views of the city. Then she said:
"I really like this place. All these lights and colors are so beautiful"
And I said I agreed. And she said "I especially like that big sign there with the bright lights"- it was the score board. Even if she can't get baseball, atleast she understands what's beautiful.

And as if the night couldn't get any better, the ball fell into and out of the right hands on the playing field, which meant Matt and Rocket were really really really happy- along with thousands of other "wooting" people piling out of Coor's stadium. I think and hope the kids will remember nights like these fondly.


Cassie said...

I want to meet Roxanne.
no doubt night like those will stick in their little minds for a long long time. (i liked your mustache best.)

Cassie said...

BTW!!! i love love love your blog header!!!

Naomi said...

Thanks Cassie! I'm so glad you noticed the header. I was excited about it- it symbolized me bringing the blog back to life.

Daphne said...

I think the lady behind Matt is hilarious.

The AB club said...

You meet the most interesting people. I've never had a stranger ask me to draw a mustache on them. I love your blog.

Naomi said...

I DO attract crazy people!!! They always want to be my friend.

Aunt Donna said...

Crazy people magnet - that's our Naomi! And so long as they are not axe murderers, it's a complement.

Looks like a fun night. Love the new blog headline. Looks fantastic.
Love seeing your blog get more active again, too.