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Monday, August 09, 2010


Recently, Maria asked me to take her senior pictures for her. We ventured out to "La Favorita Tortilla" Ranch, where we found a hot boy and a horse to pose as eye candy. I had so much fun because Maria is so cute and beautiful, so every picture of her turns out perfect. Here are some of my favorites:

I accidently didn't see Roxann'e creeping around behind the truck there. Maria pointed it out after I mailed them to her, so I still have to photoshop her out.

In reality, this guy could only have Maria in his dreams.

I hope Maria doesn't move too far away when she graduates, because she's our favorite babysitter!


Holly said...

so cute.
LOVE them!

jodi duby said...

love them naomi! so fun=)

The AB club said...

We staye dat your house the night you shot this. It makes me feel more connected :)

Cassie said...

she's adorable! great shots! (and that boy is kinda cute, too! :))

WARREN and TRACI Lotter ______________________ said...

Great photos Naomi!!