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Monday, July 26, 2010

Stickers for Miss. Firefly

This is kindof old news. Oh well. These are the stickers that I designed for Miss. Firefly that she will sell at shows as she travels and performs. They will be printed on 2 inch by 3 inch rectangle stickers. Of course, any art involving the delightful Miss Firefly is always great fun for me to do, but this was especially fun because I was experimenting with digital painting. After reading "Tickets to Ride" and reading about how all of those illustrations were digital paintings about carnival themed stuff, I had a great idea. Wouldn't it be cool to create a whole book of these kindof of carnival poster-like pictures? I could feature a different exciting side-show character with interesting deformities or physical features on each page. Conjoined twins, lobster girls, limb deficient people, and of course penguin boy.... super colorful, playful and joyful. It would be fun I think. I think kids would like it. Dreeeeeeam dream dream dream (that song... I'm singing that song... you know).
I wish I had more to say because right now my kids are fixing my hair and it feels SOOOO good. Rocket just said, "We're the company that works for you, mom!" Oh yeah... this is good work. Keep going. Keep going.

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jodi duby said...

hilarious rocket=)
i think you're on to something with the coloring book! where can i get those stickers? i'm decorating my travel easel with denver memories=)

two girls came over from the neighbors house yesterday when they saw i was painting the outside of the pool. i told them what i was going to do and they started telling me ideas of what i could paint on it! it was like a little art club=) it made me miss you and roxanne. they ended up going inside and coming back with paper to make me a list=) i should post the list. it is quite amazing. they were the inspiration i needed=)