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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Super Foamerator!!

This is a super foamerator. If you were to graph the slope of a line (rise over run) that represents this project, with the x axis representing the work involved in doing it, and the y axis representing the fun involved , it would be a pretty steep slope, which is a great thing. It would look like this: Not much work; whole lot of fun! Ideally, all experiences would be graphed with a completely vertical line, meaning there is NO work involved and an INFINATE amount of fun.... but as you might recall from your geometry lessons, this is impossible because in that case, x would equal zero, and no number on the y axis can be divided by zero, deeming the slope of the line "undefined". But what I am trying to say is that, this project is worth doing.

First you take an empty plastic bottle. Then you cut of the bottom half. Then you rubber band a washcloth to the bottom of the bottle. Ta da! You've made a super foamerator and are ready to have some fun!! Dip the cloth end of the bottle into soapy water and then blow. If it's not a very windy day, you can make some really long foam snakes. But yesterday, it was really windy and so all of our foam was flying off into the sky, which was kind of fun too!


Daphne said...

I am absolutely doing this ASAP!

Donna Mc said...

Cool! We'll have to give that a try. Looks like fun.

We've made these giant bubble sticks & had a lot of fun with them.... http://people.uvawise.edu/netsacs/Documents/ncw/2005/Make%20Your%20Own%20Giant%20Bubble%20Wand.pdf

This isn't EXACTLy like ours, but the same idea. It helps to soak the rope/string/shoelace in the bubble stuff for awhile before playing.

Sarah said...

You started the summer fun early. I am keeping this in mind for when the kids are board this summer.

Stacy said...

Total beach project for 5 kids this summer!! awesome!

The AB club said...

I think the kids are going to be using this on our balcony this summer. You come up with the funnest ideas. I'm sure you would do a great job of keeping 4 extra kids occupied this summer. Want to try for a week?