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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod

My children share a bond like none other that I have ever seen. I didn’t have this “thing” with my brother, but I have heard of other siblings that did have it. It’s the most intimate and natural love, not involving romance, that I have ever seen. I’ve heard from other mothers that this “thing” they have will soon deteriorate as they age. My heart aches to imagine the impending breakup of a love that is so sweet and so perfect. They have words and jokes and songs that only each other understand. And since they don’t yet understand sexuality, they consider each other to be “husband” and “wife” and say that they are married, despite how often I tell them that it isn’t true. Anyhow, they believe that they own each other and both are perfectly OK with that.

On Monday, as Rocket was in school, I stopped by the bank to take care of some business. The teller offered Roxanne a dumdum lollipop and Roxanne said “Um, yeah, but I need two, cause I need one for Rocket.” I imagine the teller thought Rocket was her imaginary dog or something, but she gave Roxanne two and she took them and put one in her pocket and sucked the other one as we shopped. When we picked Rocket up from school he ran out to greet us and said “Babe, I have something to tell you. I turned in all my homework, so I got a lollipop in school, but I told my teacher that I would need two.” He dug through his backpack and pulled out a lollipop and handed it to his sister. Roxanne gasped and her face lit up as she began to work her little hand into her pocket. She pulled out the dumdum and gave it to Rocket, and then they both began to laugh hysterically at the ironic situation. They both ate their lollipops as they walked home, hand and hand, in the perfectly beautiful spring weather (which is gone today). It was a scene that happens often, but seems almost too idealistic to be a part of MY life. But don’t get me wrong, I will probably need to stop blogging in a minute, so I can go downstairs and pry them off of each other so they don’t kill one another while fighting over the TV remote. But sure enough, they will make up before I can get back upstairs and agree that they were really just “hugging”, not fighting.

This last picture shows how natural they are with each other. I took it in our hotel room this summer, while they were watching TV. When they grow up and hate each other, I am going to show it to them and say "At one time, you loved each other so much that you would lay around in your underwear together watching TV and would think nothing of it". But I hope that day never comes.


the AB club said...

Isn't it amazing how they can play so lovingly together one moment and then be ready to kill each other the next. I love the pictures.

the AB club said...

Isn't it amazing how they can play so lovingly together one moment and then be ready to kill each other the next. I love the pictures.

Sarah said...

I can remember Matt and I playing together one minute and the next being sent to our rooms for fighting. We usually ended up laying in our doorway playing together again. Elise so needs a sibling.

ceichy said...

1. This blog kind of makes me weepy...in a good way!
2. I LOVE YOUR CHILDREN and I love the way that you and Matt love your children.
3. My brother and I have this "thing" and we still have it to this day. He is truly one of my absolute best friends...so it can last...and I am sure it will with them.
4. This totally made my day! See you tomorrow!

Naomi said...

Sarah, At first I thought you were Sarah Hancock, and I was thinking "Ummm... yeah... just because I grew up with YOUR husband, doesn't mean that you grew up with mine." and I thought you were trying to make a joke. But then I realized that you were Sarah BENNET and it all made more sense. So did you and Matt lose that "thing"? Or did you never have it? Is he secretly cheating on me with you? I hope he isn't secretly saving you lollipops from the bank... Cause I am the ONLY woman he should be saving lollipops for!!!! Ok, well... I hope I didn't depress you with my blog about siblings since Elise doesn't have one. If you want me to be a surrogate mom, I will consider it. But you have to promise to take the baby at the end of the pregnancy. This whole comment is entirely innapropriate. I have had too much Rockstar this morning.

Holly said...

ok, that whole thing makes me jealous - Jonathan and I NEVER (and will probably not ever) have that 'thing' - I love it for you though - what a precious gift for a mother!

Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

This made me weepy too...what a beautiful post.