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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Karate Moms are the New Soccer Moms
It's true. Karate is expensive and beneficial to children, therefore making it the sport every superior mom enrolls their child in. Rocket is no exception and I expect that he will grow up to be a fine CEO of a big corporation because of his ninja skills. At class, as the children refine their karate moves, the moms sit on the sidelines and discuss things like scrapbooking, the hottest SUV colors, Racheal Ray's best recipes, acrylic nails, saving the environment, healthy eating, breast augmentation, and other highly important issues affecting the women of Highlands Ranch. No one has yet suspected that I am the mole, and that really I am only there to secretly pick up on karate moves, so that I will be able to defend myself when suburban narcisist take over the world. Shhhh. HIYA!


Jada said...

You crack me up!

You have pointed out what I have feared all along......I am not a 'superior mom'. No karate or soccer for us:)Hopefully, J still has a shot at being a CEO, though.

See ya tomorrow, er, I mean Sunday!!!

ceichy said...

And you are the hottest karate mom out there by far!!! And you know who to call when you need back up!

the AB club said...

Rocket's karate moves are awesome. I don't think you'll need to defend yourself with Rocket by your side.

Naomi said...

Jada, I think you have a lot to worry about. Without ninja skills, your child won't grow up to have a managerial position. He definately wont make enough money to pay for botox or hair grafting surgery. You better act quick.