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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Time

There's lots of fun Christmas stuff going on around here. We set up the tree a couple weeks ago. After our wedding, my mom made ornaments out of two of our bride-and-groom-gumball favors (I thought they were really ugly- it was a bride and a groom made out of gumballs). We've been hanging the gumballs on our tree for ten years now, but this year we decided to change it up and let the kids eat the gumballs. They did.

We did cookie decorating (one of my favorite Christmas traditions) on Friday with Milo and Lucy. Cookie decorating is just a prelude to the annual gingerbread decorating party that I let the kids both invite one friend to- that will be on Friday. I'm mostly prepared except that I cannot find gumballs anywhere. Ideas? Also, this will be the first year that I am having an adult gingerbread house party (think, naked gingerbread men), which I've wanted to have for many years.

I did a Christmas gift craft with Roxanne's class with shrinky dinks. These are their necklace charms pre-shrinkage. I love how the kids draw themselves:

Friday is feelin pretty Christmassy too. He's been wearing extra layers.
This morning was exceptionally celebratory, because it was the first Sunday that our church was allowed to meet in their own building (in over a year). Rocket and Roxanne adorned the new front pillars with an appropriate pose: Our pastor Mike, took this picture while I was inside and texted it to me later. Speaking of Tebow, the boys are going absolutely ridiculously nuts downstairs. Completely out of control. I'm guessing God is giving Tebow his usual blessing right as we speak... or type, I mean.
This is what I want for Christmas:


Cassie said...

it's not fair naomi.
why did you get all the talent?
i want to live in your house over christmas.
i mean really?? NAKED GINGERBREAD MEN?
i want to be there!

Naomi Haverland- Artist and whatnot said...

Cassie, I wish you could come to my gingerbread house party! It's going to be better than ever this year. You're totally invited.

Nikki said...

I hope you're not serving the Tebow Kool-Aid that everyone in Colorado has apparently been drinking. Maybe I will bring my own beverage with a lid so no one slips me any.

Naomi Haverland- Artist and whatnot said...

Oh, if there is any Tebow koolaid out there, it's the "we hate Tebow" koolaid, and I certainly wont be joining that bandwagon. I'll wear my "I heart Tebow" shirt (if I do get it), with pride, no matter how much ridicule and persecution it brings me.