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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blob Monsters- fun craft for kids!

I thought that if I posted some craft tutorials, people would like my blog better. They'd feel like they could get something out of it maybe. And I would feel better about myself if I thought people were copying me.
So this is about how to make blob monsters with kids.
Step one is to buy a can of spray insulation from the hardware store. It's about 4 or 5 dollars. It might be called "great stuff".

Squirt out a blob of it (keeping in mind that it will double in size, kind of like rising bread dough). You can't really control what your blob monster will turn out like. Whatever you do, don't touch the stuff before it dries, because it is almost impossible to get off your skin. Also, do it on something like an old magazine. I show it here on my kitchen table, but that's only because it's already dry in the picture. Whatever you spray it on, it won't come off of.

Then you let it sit for 24 hours. It will slowly continue to grow within those 24 hours.

Then you paint/color it. I painted mine (below). Then I added googly eyes. If you paint it all brown it will look like a real pile of poo.

This is Roxanne's. She just colored hers with sharpies. Her blob happened to have a shape that looked like a mouth and then she found indentations that looked like eyes- it's a little like finding images in the clouds.

This is Rockets. He did his with sharpies too.

Ok, there's my craft blog post. I made it up.


Donna Mc said...

Cool! Looks like fun to me.

I've made 'snowmen' from Great Stuff. I just plop out the blobs and let them dry. Then spray paint them white. Then I start 'fitting' together 2 for a snowman body/head, looking for facial features & things. I used scraps of fabric for scarves etc. Clay noses, sticks/wire 'hair', aquarium charcoal for mouth/eyes, etc etc. Some held little 'signs' like 'Will Work for Freezer Space'. Lots of imaginative fun. They use to sell really well at craft shows. =)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun. I'm not sure I want the kids to use sharpies. What else would work on that surface? Becca

Betty's Blocks said...

Looks like fun.

Naomi Haverland- Artist and whatnot said...

Becca, I suppose the only things that work on this surface would be other things you'd have to watch them closely with. Like paint. I think if you used magic markers, it would make more of a mess because it would wipe off onto other stuff.