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Monday, January 04, 2010

A Better Decade

This post is three to fours days late, because it is about celebrating new years. Bringing in 2010 was pretty uneventful. At first I felt pretty sad about it, because I had been thinking about how we had brought in 2009- with a group of friends, playing board games, eating haystacks (yum!), laughing, and just having fun. This year wasn't like that... none of those people are our friends anymore, for various unfortunate reasons, that I won't go into here- I don't want to break down and cry in front of you guys. It's not a pretty sight. Man, how things can change within the course of a year!

But, we DID have our time capsule to look forward to opening this year. On New Years Eve 1999, I was really determined to put together a time capsule. I think I had to coerce Matt into participating with me. So, we were both 18, freshmen in college, had been redating for a couple months ("re", since we had broken up the summer between highschool and college). We assembled the capsule at my parents house, before spending the evening with his parents to see in Y2K. We put everything inside a pretty blue bottle, that we have toted around with us through 6 moves, over the past ten years. As we broke it open the other night we discovered that besides a whole bunch of pictures that we took with my webcam, we also wrote notes to each other, or rather, the eachothers of the future, that we didn't know very well yet.

Here are some highlights from Matt's letter to me:
"Ten years from now, I hope that me and Nomi are married" CHECK!
"I should graduate from CSM" CHECK!
"In ten years I plan to be living anywhere but Colorado" unCHECK!

Here are some highlights from my letter to Matt:
"I hope Y2K doesn't destroy the world"
"I wonder if we will be together in ten years?"
"I can't wait to kiss you at midnight!"

Those were just the excerpts that neither Matt or I were too embarressed to post. Other things were almost painful to read, as we realized how stupid we were, or how naive we were, or how needy and dependant we were. Since then, we've moved 10 times, created two people, transformed who we are, changed our mind about our core values, and accumulated a lot of stuff. In light of the traumatic transformations we've endured over the past ten years, it makes the changes that have occured over the past one year seem insignicant. Even so, damaged and failed friendships still seem to hit me like a gigantic blow to the stomach. But atleast now I know I am strong enough to recover, move on, and work towards positively impacting my future, and other people's future. Ten years ago, I couldn't have said that. Ten years ago, what was important was getting a kiss at midnight from the boy I was obsessed with- which I think I got. This year, we were in bed an hour before midnight- which is really really late! But I think I still got a kiss.

May this decade be better than the last!


Holly said...

true dat!

The AB club said...

haystacks!!! Let's plan on playing board games and having haystacks together next year.

Naomi said...

Yes! That would be a great start to a new year! And it will still be part of this decade, which means I'm already off to a good start at planning a better decade than the last!

Connie said...

You have accomplished so many great things this decade! And you have grown in so many ways. I think you are too hard on yourself! Maybe you should just spend every New Years with family; they will always be there for you. Haystacks with Becca is a great plan!

Connie said...

You should also do a new time capsule for 2020.

Naomi said...

Hard on myself? What do you mean? I was talking about how much stronger/better/cooler I am now- that's not hard on myself! I was practically bragging.
I thought about doing a time capsule for 2020, but then I was like.... ehhh whatever. But maybe I will do one with the kids. That would be cool.