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Sunday, September 13, 2009

And Then She Turned Six
Since I started blogging, I've never failed to blog about each and every one of my kids' birthdays. Despite my blogging lull of late, I musn't forget about the latest one either, because it has brought with it much realization to me of how much I truly enjoy my six year old.
On Friday, we celebrated the day by having three of her girl friends (and one who is also a cousin) over after school. I assisted the girls in creating their own tie dye shirts, a craft for which I have developed a specific method. I will share that method with you now, so that you can also learn from my years of trial and error.
The day before the celebration, Jodi and I practiced tiedying on our own in order to make sure the method would work. I originally told Jodi that the best way to tie dye is basically do everything, and then just leave it in God's hands, since we really have no control over tie dye results. She disagreed with me, and in the end her's turned out slightly better than mine, thus disproving my theory about leaving it in God's hands. Determined to perfect my tiedyeing methodology, I tried again on Thursday night.... and this time I got it right. So here is my completely perfected tie dye method:
Step 1. Rubber band up your tshirt (or whatnot) in whatever which way you want.
Step 2. Use a squirty bottle filled with a concoction of different types of dyes to squirt your shirt- be sure to squirt deep into the folds using the nozzle of the squirty bottle.
Step 3. Put your tshirt in the microwave for 12 minutes or until the residual dye is kindof crusty and the shirt is steaming.
Step 4. Leave the results in God's hands
Step 5. (this is the new step I added) Pray for the tiedye while it is cooking.
Step 6. Rinse with cold water until it runs kindof clearish (it never runs completely clear).
Step 7. Put it in the dryer until it is dry and then wear it!
The tiedye turned out well for the girls (and Rocket) on Friday as well:

Then we took all the kids to the infamous Casa Bonitas (a Las Vegas style Mexican restaurant with strange skits, cliff diving, waterfalls, haunted caves, and puppet shows). They all wore their new tiedye shirts. In this picture Roxanne is angry because she just had to have a time out in the car when we got there, because she was very naughty during the car ride. I was most excited for Roxanne's birthday, because I had made her a gift that I couldn't wait to give her, because I knew she would love it- a painting apron. A few years ago, her Auntie Sarah had given her an apron that she wore almost constantly, but it was getting to be too small, so I thought it was time for a change. Plus, it was filled with her very own paint brushes, so me and her don't have to fight over the good brush anymore. I think she liked it. She hasn't taken it off very much since she got it. But then things got even better, because we also gave her what she has been begging for: canvases. She is always pretty angry that I paint on canvases, and she has to paint on paper, and is always asking me to buy her her very own canvas to paint on. So we gave her eleven canvases. And lastly, we gave her a paint set with "real" paint. I'll tell you something- once you let a kid use nice artist paints, they will never ever want to use craft paint or tempera paint again. I guess I can understand that. She completely her first painting on a canvas today, but says, "I can't use another canvas for a while, because I want to save them."
Her birthday ended in a fort, with her favorite cousin. They were supposed to go to sleep in there, but when I checked on them at about 11pm, I found that their barbie dolls were still whispering to each other. But, I guess that's what birthdays, and cousins, and barbies are for. Even though she doesnt always enjoy me, she doesn't know that I am always smiling at her because I see myself in her.... it would probably drive her crazy if she did know! And that's why I enjoy her so much. We are artist together, and my favorite times are when we are both wearing our painting aprons, making our own separate creations, and chatting about what's pretty and what's not and how you should mix colors. I can't wait to see what beautiful things she will create as she grows up.... my little artist.


Cassie said...

she is SO CUTE!
i love her posing in her apron. she's going to be an amazing artist. i can see it already...

Matt said...

I can't believe you didn't make me a tie die t-shirt!

Naomi said...

Everybody made their own... it's you're own fault you were left out.

Stacy said...

OK - do you have quick and easy tie-dye for dummies instructions? I'd love to do that with my kids!! I didn't realize our girls were so close in age...the girls turn six this Friday, the 18th! happy Birthday Roxanne!

Stacy said...

ok - obviously - I scrolled and got distracted by the pictures and forgot to look at the instructions that are already in your blog!! HA!!