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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chunky Funk

I have been in a funk lately... for a month or two now. It's a "I dont care" funk... hence my lack of blog. I seem to have not been caring about a lot of things lately. Somedays I wake up not caring about any aspect of life at all, and I just mosy about doing the things that absolutely have to be done, like a robot... I've been plagued by unmotivation and indifference. I'm not sure why. There's a short list of things I still have been caring about...

1. Wishing I were skinny
2. Wishing I didn't have zits
3. Food/stuffing my face/hershey syrup/cookies
4. Free sushi samples at the grocery store... maybe that should be combined with #3
5. Facebook notifications

The list of things I don't care about is long... I'll try to make it shorter by only listing notable things that I actually did care about at some time...

1. Blogging
2. Painting
3. Answering the phone (especially when it's somebody who wants something from me... which is everyone).
4. Friends
5. Enemies
6. You
7. Blablablahblah
8. I dont even care about finishing this list

Oh, yeah... here's one other thing I DO care about:
The fact that my dog only has an appetite for right footed flipflops!!!!!!!!! I can wear two unmatching flip flops, but I can't wear two left footed flipflops! It friggen sucks!

If me not blogging bothers you.... I don't care. If you want to try to get me out of this funk maybe you should try mailing me presents.... but unless it's food, a skinny pill, sushi samples or a right footed flip flop, I probably won't care.
I do hope to emerge from this, and I'm not happy with who I am right now- I should definately be more entertaining than this. In any case, consider yourself lucky for having gotten an explanation. That's more than most people around me are getting these days.


The AB club said...

I wish I was there to offer to do something for you, ie: take the kids, drop a meal off, go get a chocolate facial. If there's something I can do from CA let me know.

steffy said...

funny thing.. i know just the feeling these days.. *sigh*

Daphne said...

have you had your thyroid checked? I have been feeling like this all summer just to find out that my medication isn't working anymore. Maybe I will just have to show up on your doorstep someday soon with a couple of milkshakes and make you paint them or something.

Cassie said...

that sucks.
do what ya gotta do.
we'll wait.

The AB club said...

check the thyroid. That's what my funk was, and my husband was so much happier when his wife got on the right dosage.

The Shoup Family said...

Maybe my throid is off then too. [growls] Or maybe mine is PMS, or Idon'tgivearip MS. :I Here's to hoping all of us mopy girls pull it together soon. BLAH!

Anonymous said...

Also encouraging you to check your thyroid. Mine was checked when I felt like that, although it ended up being depression. Still, going to the doctor was the best thing I ever did. I feel mostly better now.

Holly said...

it's not your Thyroid.

it's the downer after coming home from a missions trip.

happens to me EVERY TIME.

if you're like me, just recognizing it and letting it be helps...not that you'll care ;-)

wishing you right footed flip flops.

stephanie said...

I am sorry to get such a kick out of your sour disposition, but it really sad/funny that your dog only eats one flpflop. Next time I see one on the side of the road, I am gonna pick it up for you!

Aunt Donna said...

You've been to the mountain top- the mission trip...but afterwards, people often experience a sudden valley. It really is a bummer! We want to stay on that awesome high and keep shouting to the world how great it is. It's okay to fall into a slump - every day can't be an up-day. But don't let yourself fall too far into it. You have to climb back out...and you'll find the best way for YOU climb out.
Don't keep beating yourself up...look for the blessings, joy and humor all around you. Find your joy again! It's there, just taking a little break, but it's there!

For me, doing something creative helps. It might help you too. But if nothing seems to help, don't hesitate to check your hormones, thyroid or whatever. If you need help & it's beyond you - seek that help.

Love ya, Honeybun!

Nichole said...

Sorry Naomi, this sucks! I have been like this for 2 yrs now, hmmm maybe it has to do with our age. I don't have a skinny pill however I found a BC pill that works awesome for adult acne:)