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Monday, February 16, 2009

My World for Valentine's Day
Matt and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. As Traci has once said... Everyday is Valentine's day in our house, because we love each other ALL THE TIME!!! OK, just kidding... we only love eachother SOME times and try to coordinate it so that those times fall on Valentines day. We don't usually exchange gifts either, but Matt gave me two wonderful gifts this year- he stepped into two of my worlds that he had previously avoided.
First, he joined Facebook. He wasn't too smart about it though. He joined on Thursday, two days before Valentine's day. When I accidentally discovered through a mutual Facebook friend that he was, in fact, a member of Facebook I felt betrayed, not knowing how long he had been on it without befriending ME. But now we are Facebook friends (AND Facebook spouses) and all is good. And I'm gonna kick his butt at Scrabble!!
Secondly, he came to Dr. Sketchy's with me for the first time. He might not be as good as me at drawing, but he's very clever, which counts for a lot at Sketchy's. Vivienne Vavoom, the actual host of Dr. Sketchy's switched roles and was the model for the night. I really appreciated her homemade creative costumes- some very unexpected basement finds turned into sexy attire: like a double joystick bra, a top concocted out of computer circuit boards, goggles, and other sparkly things that aren't usually worn on the body. It was lots of fun to have my best friend (Matt) along for the monthly sketching fun, even though I suspect he won't be coming back next month. Click here to see the all of the pictures from the night.
Now I wonder which of his worlds I have been avoiding and need to step into... maybe I should show up at his work... or in the men's restroom.


LottaMadness said...

Oh gross...I didn't say that...well, not exactly that. I said something similar like "we have Valentine's Day in our house every day" just to make people puke. I'm too prickly to show Warren love every day.

Matt said...

Thanks for the blog my token Republican wife. For the record, I am beating you in Scrabble right now.

Naomi said...

Ha! And you are my token even-more-republican husband. You probably wouldn't get along with my token democrat husband.
I am going to spend the entire day today planning my next scrabble move... so you better watch it!

Stacy said...

I thought I was the only facebook scrabble...or is it scramble...or are they different...addict! Glad you had a fun Vday!!