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Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello to you people who probably picked up my business card at the chalk art festival.  I am trying to be a more responsible artist by taking better advantage of all the free publicity at the festival.  That's why you got my business card.  
Above is a photo of my beautiful dog, Friday, posing in front of some of my more recent paintings that are for sale.  If you are interested in buying my art, click on the "my paintings" tab above.  The prices of the most recent works are posted.  You can always email me by finding my address under the "contact info" tab above as well.  And also look at the "other projects" tab- that tab is the funnest tab.  


Chris Bakunas said...

Naomi, your chalk art rocked! Hope you and the whole Haverland family have a great, productive summer!

Big Ideas said...

Thanks guys for your, this, informative blog post. I liked it very much. I hope more from you in near future to make my day.

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