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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Interspecies Cuddling Contest

NOTE: I dont know why this blog post overlaps the next blog post. Blogspot is being a jerk. I've tried deleting pictures, thinking maybe blogspot thought I had too many, but it doesnt fix it.

Last Wednesday I posted this as my facebook status:
Before school this morning my kids and I had a conversation about how one of the best things in the world is when animals that are different species cuddle with each other. So we're going to have a contest. Find a picture of interspecie cuddling and post it on my page. We will vote on the best one on Saturday and the winner will get a surprise.
If you look at my facebook page you'll see that it got flooded with the most ridiculously cute pictures, providing hours of entertainment for me and the kids. We got exactly 30 submissions.

As promised, today we voted on the winners using a voting technique that Rocket designed. We each got to rank our top 5 favorite photos- with our top vote receiving 5 points and our 5th vote receiving 1 point. Rocket explained to me that that method helps to prevent ties from occurring. Here are the winners:

In third place, submitted by John Swanger:

Second place, also submitted by John Swanger:

And first place, submitted by both Daphne White and Traci Lotter, but Traci Lotter submitted it first.

What did the winners get?! Only the first and second place winners got a prize. They got an original drawing of their winning entry by Rocket or Roxanne!!!
This one by Rocket:

This one by Roxanne:

Here are some other notably cute.... or notable not cute entries:

This one was submitted by Matt:

The following one illustrates a Bible verse, which proves that God also likes interspecies cuddling and there will probably be a lot of it in heaven.

This one was submitted by my pastor:

I dont know why this post is screwed up at the bottom....

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Holly said...

the Reavers picture is creepin' me OUT.