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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mosaic Tile House

Our first stop today was the mosaic tile house in Venice beach. I found this house online and emailed the owners to ask if they would kindly let stop by to see it. And they said yes. It was truly amazing and pictures can't really show how beautiful it was. But I took pictures anyways. Here they are.

This is Cheri- the wife, artist, and tile maker.

This is Gonzalo- the husband, artist, and tile breaker.

This is Lori (again, along for the ride today) standing behind one of the gates in the front courtyard.

The art studio in the back of their house actually had white walls. All of their artwork depicts a love story between the two of them. The wall above is dedicated to portraits of Gonzalo painted by Cheri. His artwork, too, is all about his obsession with her. Two artists totally obsessed with each other- beautiful.

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