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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Roxy Snickers During Prayer Time
I am making minimal efforts to keep this blog alive. I apologize. One reason I am so unmotivated is because I think I let it die so much that no one is really expecting much from it anymore. But I would like to be able to publish it one day for my own records, and at that time I intend to fill in all the blanks I have been leaving out... probably just with pictures though.
This is my latest painting. It is Roxanne. I absolutely love this little michevious smile I see from her so often. Although I painted it from a photo of her, I added the church scene myself. This is her take on the painting:
"everyone is supposed to be praying, but I am thinking about brownies or something."
Ofcourse, the painting is also very much a self-portrait... but I like to represent myself with her cute little face instead of my not-as-cute face. I feel like I am often times not taking things seriously the way everyone else thinks I should be (especially in a religious setting), and yet, I am still the one getting the blessing (represented with the light rays coming from the stained glass window). And that's why I love grace. Although sometimes I think I am pushing my luck with it.
I started this painting after the painting of Caddy, thinking that I might as well keep busy painting the ones I love while I wait for what I REALLY love to paint to come along. And well, it has come along! On the 19th, I am going to be going to Baltimore with my brother, Luke, to meet and photograph someone that I can not WAIT to paint!!! I am so excited about this, and feel like my life has reached such a perfect place where I am finally getting to do what I love, but haven't been recognized or finished the journey so that there is still so much exciting unknowns ahead. I am so excited to see where this road takes me.
Mostly I am so thankful for people in my life, like Matt, my brother, my kids, my parents, Jodi, and others who have been atleast SLIGHTLY open minded to my ideas, even though they might sound really really strange. I know they're skeptical, but they're giving me a chance and I hope I'm not insane!


Connie said...

You know, I have always TRIED to be supportive of you and your art interests. I have to admit I do not understand your latest and maybe the one you stick with. but the other day when I questioned it you said how is it any different than someone looking at a tall skinny model and seeing beauty? Well youa question stumped me. Maybe the problem is mine or at least my perspective. Until I can come up with an answer to your question, I can't really come up with an objection. I am glad you are so excited about going to Baltimore and your new subject!

Connie said...

I should always proof read before I submit. It should have said "your question" not "youa question"

Naomi said...

That's ok cause I dont proof read before I publish my posts.

Stacy said...

I just want you to know I always love reading your blogs and following you from afar! Even though we really don't know each other...I always check in for the most recent "Naomi" stuff. I have a mom friend who is also an artist, who also has a boy who is hard of hearing and he has a rare form of dwarfism, and he's just a kick. They live in Longmont. I should ask you...would you be interested? If so I'll be happy to talk to her. Have a fabulous trip to Baltimore! Can't wait to hear more!

Aunt Donna said...

I love your blog, your painting, your wonderful family and you, honeybun.

Keep on painting from your heart ~ expressing yourself and the world around you from the unique perspective that God's has given you.

Good luck on your trip. I look forward to reading all about it!

Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

I LOVE this blog and am always excited to see it update on my RSS feed. Keep it up! :)