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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Africa Panels
Yes, I am playing catch-up on my blog today... don't think I am commiting to any long term upkeep though!
I didn't actually get to attend the event these pieces were displayed at, because it was in Iowa, but it was something I was so excited to be a part of! Jody and all the people that do all that water4christmas stuff sent me three wooden Africa cutouts to paint any way I wanted. I pawned one of them onto Jodi (the Colorado Jodi, not the Iowa Jody- notice the spelling difference), and these are the other two that I did: Then, once back in Iowa, they were displayed and auctioned off at a water4christmas banquet. I wish I could have been there to see all of the Africa's all together. A special informant, who was actually at the event, told me that both of my pieces ended up going for over $300 each! That's really exciting, because last year, I threw a big present wrapping party, in efforts to raise money for water4christmas, and after a whole lot of party throwing work (and that's hard work) I raised roughly the same amount of money. I think I am meant to paint much more than I am meant to throw parties.
That same special informant also told me that they subscribed to my blog yesterday. Unlike the previously mentioned information, this information sortof burdened me, as I remembered how pathetic my blog had become.... its gotten all skinny, its ribs are starting to show, its hair is falling out and its been staring at me with this really insane psychotic gaze that's kindof freakin me out! So, you understand, why I am trying to revive it... we were once so in love. I don't know what happened.


Holly said...

wowsers...I've missed you!

hotflawedmama said...

Glad I could be a small reason to get you back in the blogging world. :) Love the baseball one! Next year we'll get you to the Water For Christmas part(ies)!

Cassie said...

facebook happened.
quick, easy, one liners.
she's a blogger thief....

Donna Mc said...

Wahoo! I'm so glad you've updated your awesome blog. (And I agree w/ Cassie...FB is a blog-zapper.)

LOVE the paintings. I showed them to a guy in our church who is going to Kenya for 16 months on mission. He loved them! He's an artist too. So whenever you paint African art, pray for Drew & his mission team.