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Friday, March 03, 2006

Beautiful and Sly

This is beautiful Stephanie....

She is beautiful but sly. After I did all this free portraiture for her, she actually told me that she was thinking about entering some of the photos into photo contests so she could win money for her son's college fund. Not that I think the photos could win any decent contest, but I would still be pretty offended if she claimed my work as her own. I might need to start stamping copyright signs on my work.
Anyways, watch out for my work signed by Stephanie... let me know, so I can sue her.


Timmay, Sarah & little Elise said...

We agree with you. If she uses your stuff you should sue. That is so wrong of a thing to do. We feel your pain, you should sue!!!

Beautify and Sly herself! said...

How cruel! Would you really sue your friend? I didn't say I would take credit for it, just take the money for it! And I did offer to half it with you! If I did the work to get it turned in- shouldn't I get something?

But I like that you called me beautiful and sly- makes me feel good about myself!

Naomi said...

Alright well... the money is all I really want. You can have the credit as long as I get the money. And you DID get something- you got the picture!
It's good to fight online and not in person.